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Basement Leaks Reduce the Value of Your Home

Basement leaks are annoying and reduce the value of your home, yet many repairs are inexpensive. American Basement Waterproofing provides prompt professional service to homeowners and emergency closing services to real estate professionals. Call American Basement Waterproofing Today!


basement repair, waterproofing, crack injection repair Poured Foundation Crack Injection Repairs

poured wall crack injection repair

American Basement Waterproofing specializes in crack injection repairs that permanently stop basement leaks in poured concrete walls. Work can be performed from the inside of your home any time of the year.

Our high expansion polyurethane hydro-foam is the best injection product on the market. The reasons are (1) polyurethane hydro-foam is hydrophobic and has excellent adhesion, (2) the product does not react for several minutes after injection, which provides the time necessary to fully permeate all parts of the crack, and (3) polyurethane hydro-foam does not shrink, thus can withstand normal settlement conditions which include the expansion and contraction of basement walls during the summer and winter months.

leaking crack repair Poured Foundation Crack Injection Repair (Outside View)

leaky basement wall crack injection repair
The crack injection repair photo (outside view) demonstrates American's high expansion polyurethane hydro-foam injection material expanding from the inside to the outside of the basement wall. As a result, water can no longer enter the crack and leak into the basement. The product also seals the top of the basement wall. This prevents water from entering the crack through brick ledges and mortar joints. (Interior and exterior surface repairs fail to seal the top portion of the crack).
inexpensive poured concrete wall crack injection repair

low cost crack repair American Repairs Cracks in Poured Basement Walls For as Little as $225.

polyurethane epoxy crack repair

American offers a professional grade slow curing polyurethane epoxy surface sealant as a proactive repair on cracks that do not leak or rarely leak. The polyurethane epoxy repair is backed by the American Basement Waterproofing Lifetime Transferable Warranty.

Additional charges may apply for abnormalities, the removal of obstructions, such as drywall or paneling, and previous repair work.

Professional grade slow curing polyurethane epoxy surface sealants are great solutions for proactive repairs. They are designed to prevent shrinkage and allow for expansion, contraction, and normal settlement. Fast setting epoxies and hydraulic cement eventually shrink, lose adhesion, and fail.

Warning Signs of a Potentially Serious Problem

Some basement leaks, many previously repaired by our competitors, can pose health and safety risks if water comes into contact with electrical wiring or creates a mold problem. Mold thrives in wet basements, especially in finished basements where it can grow on and behind damp drywall, paneling, and carpeting. No type of mold is good for your health. When dry, mold spores can become airborne and circulate throughout the home. Common health problems caused by mold exposure are headaches, fatigue, eye irritation, runny nose, sneezing, cough, congestion, upper respiratory infections, and worsening asthma. The warning signs of a potentially serious problem are:

  • • Mold, mildew, and musty odors
  • • Dry-rotting paneling or drywall
  • • Stained or discolored walls
  • • Wet basement walls and floors
  • • Damp or wet carpeting
  • • Insects thriving on water leakage

Home American is Here to Help!

Please visit our Molds in the Home page for Michigan Department of Community Health informational fact sheets that provide accurate information about Molds in the Home. Learn more about the different types of mold, how to tell if you have a problem, the Department's recommendations, potential health effects, how to clean up mold, and prevent exposure. Call American Basement Waterproofing for prompt professional service. The health of your family, the foundation of your home, and customer service are our top priorities. We will eliminate the water in your basement for good, stop the source of mold, and help restore the value of your home. American repairs all types of basement leaks. The most common are:

  • • Cracks
  • • Rod Leaks
  • • Basement Window Leaks
  • • Window Wells
  • • Beam Leaks
  • • Chimney Leaks
  • • Mortar Joints
  • • Pour Line Leaks
  • • Drain Tile Obstructions

Home The Results

  • • A dry basement
  • • A healthier and more enjoyable home for you and your family
  • • The security of knowing that your basement is structurally sound
  • • The option to increase living space
  • • Restored property value
  • • Lifetime Transferable Warranty

Home Don't Wait Until You Sell Your Home!

Many people put off repairing basement leaks until it becomes a requirement to sell their home. Sadly, in that event, they are repairing their home for someone else and may have lived with a leaky basement that prevented them from fully enjoying their home for years.